Title: Herzog’s COBRA VERDE
Location: Vox Pop
Description: Good evening from movie night HQ!

SHORT: Singing Fishermen of Ghana, by Pete and Toshi Seeger http://www.folkstreams.net/film,123

This Wednesday Kings County Cinema Society will present COBRA VERDE (1987), another portrait of man descending into madness, depravity and self-destruction from the inimitable Werner Herzog. This was Herzog’s last collaboration with the brilliant, borderline-psychotic actor Klaus Kinski, following such epics as Aguierre, The Wrath of God and Fitzcarraldo. Verde is a 19th century epic about a crazed bandit who, exiled to the West African coast, attempts to build a vast slave trade with his bare hands. Filmed entirely in Ghana, Brazil and Columbia.

Short film TBA begins at 7pm.
Cobra Verde to follow.

UK trailer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5xZiTM9V1bM

Our host for the evening, Vox Pop in Ditmas Park, is undergoing some changes. (You may have seen an article on it published just today at the nytimes site.) Due to some outstanding fines and beaurocratic red tape, this cafe/bar is unable to serve food/beer/coffee, so for the time being it\’s BYOEverything… just try and bring a receipt in case someone from the Health Department is on this mailing list, is a Herzog nut, and decides to pay a visit. And although all events are free, the cafe is asking for a suggested donation of $3 to help with keeping the place open while they…y’know… can’t make any money on anything.

all the info you need: http://voxpopnet.net/about.html

Hope to see you there,
~Shimkin for KCCS
Start Time: 7:00PM
Date: 2009-03-18

Live Funk meets Master of the Flying Guillotine at Movie Night Tuesday

Dear Cinephiles,

Tuesday night will be our last screening of the year 2008, and we’re finishing the year in style. It is a style reeking of mind-blowing kung-fu, deep funk, and vats of booze.

Freddy’s Bar and Backroom will once again host our asses, and the screening of the legendary 1975 kung fu classic “Master of the Flying Guillotine,” will feature a live accompaniment.  

The film: Jimmy Wang Yu wrote, directed and stars as the One-Armed Boxer, a one-armed boxer who teaches martial arts and is being relentlessly pursued by Fung Sheng Wu Chi, the blind and eponymous master who removes heads with a bizarre nerf-looking ball on a chain with a ring of deadly retractable blades. Expect epic throwdowns, flawless decapitations, pools of blood, stretch armstrong-style antics, and ridiculous old men with ridiculous white beards which denote wisdom and kung-fu mastery.  

a trailer awaits you:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RmdP1qTjGZY&feature=related

Freddy’s is at 485 Dean St. (@ 6th Ave.) in Prospect Heights
2/3 to Bergen St. or ANY train to Atlantic/Pacific
This event will begin at 9pm.

Feliz navidad & happy holidays to you and yours from KCCS.

-Other (shimkin)


Location: Freddy’s Bar and Backroom
Description: Greetings, KCCS

short film screened: “A Costumed Notion” by Denny Mui 


This wednesday at Freddy’s we will present


A stirring picture of the rise and fall of Graffiti, and a picture of the late 70’s and early 80’s in NYC

Featuring appearances from Ed Koch and Crazy Legs, hip hop junkies and neophytes alike can appreciate both the scope and cultural significance of this documentary, originally produced for PBS in 1983.

ALSO, arrive in a timely fashion to catch a short made by a local filmmaker. You’ll have to come to find out who.

as per usual, the mediocre quality trailer for a far from mediocre movie.


Please join us for another gathering of KCCS at 9 PM, Wednesday, March 11.
Start Time: 9:00PM
Date: 2009-03-11


Location: Situation Zone
Description: So, my movie night frequenters, or occasionalers, I reached a quandary this morning when I realized we hadn’t decided on a flick to watch tonight. And lo, before my eyes appeared a Spike Lee joint.

If you haven’t seen it, CROOKLYN is a comedy/drama, which some might refer to as a dramedy, and still fewer might call comerama. Either way, even though it’s not Lee’s most critically acclaimed work, it’s a well acted, nostalgic postcard from 1970’s Brooklyn, and I figure at KCCS, Brooklyn is always related. So come out, have a beer and hang at the Situation Zone. If you need directions, give a holler.

Hope to see you there, rock on!


Start Time: 9:00PM
Date: 2009-02-25

Movie Night for tonight: IN THE HEAT OF THE NIGHT

Title: Movie Night for tonight: IN THE HEAT OF THE NIGHT
Location: Le Ranch – Crown Heights
Description: Tonight I will plan to host a relaxed movie night at The Ranch in Crown Heights.
We will continue our Black History Month programming with 1967’s IN THE HEAT OF THE NIGHT, winner of best picture and best actor (Rod Steiger) at the ’68 Oscars.
A respected Philly detective (the great Sidney Poitier) helps a racist redneck Southern sheriff (Steiger) hunt a murderer in small-town Mississippi in a racially-charged mystery that still resonates. Poitier made another liberal message movie in ’67- GUESS WHO’S COMING TO DINNER- but that was hokey, feel-good garbage; in IN THE HEAT OF THE NIGHT Poitier’s Virgil Tibbs slaps the shit out of a white local yokel, and you can practically feel the racial barriers falling in american movies. A great film. Followed by two sequels, a tv spinoff, and ten thousand tired cop dramas.


the original trailer:


rest assured the remastered dvd will look better than this crap.

Start Time: 9:00PM
Date: 2009-02-18

Movie Night for Wed. 2/11: WATTSTAX

Title: Movie Night for Wed. 2/11: WATTSTAX
Location: Freddy’s Bar and Backroom
Description: Movie Night Brothers and Sisters:
I hope you haven’t made any grand plans for tomorrow – Wednesday the 11th – because movie night is way more full of soul than any bullshit open bar art party up in W’burg.
Kings County Cinema Society is celebrating black history month with WATTSTAX from 1973.

a badass 30th anniversary trailer:

I myself am especially looking forward to watching Rufus Thomas tear it up.


Since the film is a clear forerunner to Dave Chappelle’s Block Party (’06), we’ll show some highlights from that modern Brooklyn classic following the screening.
Or, if anyone would like to bring along Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, we can compare Richard Pryor’s manic delivery to Gene Wilder’s creepy craziness… since the two comedy greats would later team up for some surprisingly god-awful movies.

Brooklyn love,

Start Time: 9:00PM
Date: 2009-02-11

Sweet Smell of Success

Title: Sweet Smell of Success
Location: Vox Pop
Description: Dear Movie Night Denizens,
Tomorrow night Kings County Cinema Society will be invading Vox Pop, a great coffee shop/ book store/ event space/ rogue publishing house in Flatbush.

Our film will be the 1957 classic SWEET SMELL OF SUCCESS, one of the best and most overlooked NYC films ever made… a jazzy, boozy, cynical indictment of New York’s seedy tabloid culture of the 50s, based on the real life gossip columnist Walter Winchell. Burt Lancaster plays a powerful, unscrupulous page six columnist, Tony Curtis is a slimy, struggling press agent who feeds him gossip, and the Chico Hamilton Quintet provides the soundtrack and make frequent appearances. One of the best scripts to ever come out of Hollywood. “You’re dead son. Go get yourself buried.”
a clip: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uXULG-UKVq8&feature=related

We\’ll be starting this one off early, at 7pm, with a live jazz set to follow around 9pm. Come for the film if you go to bed early; come for the jazz if you can\’t make the film. Vox Pop is the shit; it is worth the trip. Good coffee, vegetarian-friendly menu, and, for a limited time, *HOP OBAMA* beer brewed locally at SixPoint.

1022 Cortelyou Rd, corner of Stratford
Q to Cortelyou, make a left out of the station, walk 4 blocks


hope to see your asses there.
Start Time: 7:00PM
Date: 2009-01-28

Soukous Music Videos + Rize

Title: Soukous Music Videos + Rize
Location: Freddy’s Bar and Backroom
Description: Has your booty fallen asleep to the refrain of the winter blues? Join King’s County Cinema Society for a night of ass-shaking cinema and music videos. We’re going to start the night off with a hottt compilation of fast-paced and heart pumping soukous music videos – a fitting appetizer for Rize (2005, David LaChappelle), a documentary tracing the rize of a hyperkinetic dance known as krumping in East L.A with origins in a clown who shakes his shit in full clown regalia. The film splices scenes of African ceremonial dance with krumping as the similarities in snycopated arm flailing, hip rotating, and pelvic thrusting is inevitable. Music videos start at 8:30p.m., Rize starts at 9:30p.m. Free!

Freddy’s Bar and Backroom
485 Dean Street, BK, NY


Start Time: 8:30PM
Date: 2009-01-14

Courtside Comedy + Hoop Dreams // Wednesday, December 10th 8:30pm

Title: Courtside Comedy + Hoop Dreams // Wednesday, December 10th 8:30pm
Location: Myrtle
Description: Dear Friends,

This Wednesday, the Kings County Cinema Society will be branching out to a new outpost, Rula Mansion. We will be enjoying two terrific Video Discs:

Ahmad Rashad (wife of Cosby’s Phylicia Rashad, and former NFL running back) hosts this conglomeration of hardwood hijinx that some would call “b-ball bloopers,” featuring your favorite 90’s stars. Don’t miss out on the laughs!

The big contracts and high-profile championship rings are, as the title suggests, just a dream for these two teenagers from the hoods of Chicago. This 1994 documentary is sure to illuminate the realities of the outskirts of the professional basketball world. A serious film for serious people. FYI: Hoop Dreams verges on three hours in length, so we will not be able to start the movie very much later than 9:30.


Rula Mansion is located on the ground floor of 182 Nostrand Avenue (between Myrtle & Willoughby). Please reach me at 917-882-2300 if you have any questions.

Feel free to bring your preferred libation, although unfortunately our “No Whippets Rule” must remain in observance throughout the evening.


Stay tuned for next TUESDAY (not Wednesday), 12/16 at Freddy’s Sophisticated Bar (6th Ave & Dean St.) for a very special birthday movie night in honor of Ms. Marcia Robiou. There will be drinks, kung fu and music from some of our most talented and highly paid friends.
-Nikhil P. Yerawadekar
Start Time: 20:30
Date: 2008-12-10

Guimba the Tyrant + Touki Bouki – Wednesday, December 3rd – 8PM

Title: Guimba the Tyrant + Touki Bouki – Wednesday, December 3rd – 8PM
Location: Rancherito
Description: Dear compatriots,

Tonight we’ll be celebrating the first films of two awesome African directors, the technically experimental Djibril Diop Mambéty (Senegal) and the politically outspoken Cheick Oumar Sissoko (Mali). First film will be at 8pm, second at 10pm. Come whenever you like! Screening will be at El Ranchero – 570 St. Mark’s between Franklin and Bedford. Call 646-436-7146 for more info.

12/10 – 90’s bball films
12/16 (Tuesday) – kung fu film with improvised funk score at Freddy’s



CONTRAS CITY (1968 – short) – Mambéty’s first film when he was 24 years old (no formal training in film) is considered Africa’s first comedy film. The movie contrasts Dakar\’s lavish architecture with the modest daily lives on Senegalese.

TOUKI BOUKI (1973, 86min) – written and directed by Mambéty, Touki Bouki reveals influences from the French New Wave movement and Pierrot Le Fou with it’s high paced editing and frenetic rhythm. The film follows two lovers who escape Dakar to seek refuge in romanticized Paris.

GUIMBA THE TYRANT (1995, 93min) – Hailed as the most visually ravishing African film ever made, Guimba tells the tale of an ancient mythological kingdom in Mali that is run by a sorcery loving tyrant. He has no mercy for anyone except his son, a perverse dwarf with an insatiable appetite.
Start Time: 21:00
Date: 2009-12-02