Wed. 5/27: Kubrick's Fear and Desire + Johnny Got His Gun

Description: a doubleheader of anti-war dramas, as a belated and cynical Memorial Day present from us to you.

Location: Soda Bar, 629 Vanderbilt Ave. @ St. Marks Ave., Prospect Heights.   Take the Q to 7th Ave or the 2/3 to Grand Army Plaza.

Details: Wednesday, 5/27 8:30/10pm

First, Stanley Kubrick’s debut feature Fear and Desire (1953, 68min) is an allegorical war drama about four soldiers stranded behind enemy lines in an unnamed country. Madness (and, uh, fear and desire) soon descend upon the squad, as they kill a peasant girl and embark on a doomed mission.
The young Kubrick produced, directed, co-wrote, shot and cut the film on a shoestring $40,000 budget. A perfectionist from the start, he had no love for this first effort and repeatedly tried to stop it from being screened. But we will happily ignore this, in our ongoing effort to bring you cinema from the fringes.

Next we’ll enjoy (is enjoy the right word?) Dalton Trumbo’s powerful adaptation of his own novel Johnny Got His Gun (1971, 110min). It’s the story of an American serviceman who is hit by an artillery shell on the last day of WWI and now lies in a veteran’s hospital as a quadruple amputee with no eyes ears mouth or nose.  As the soldier tries in vain to communicate with his doctors, he drifts from the black-and-white of the hospital into colorful fantasies of his life with his family and girlfriend.  One of the great American anti-war statements, by the blacklisted author/screenwriter Trumbo.  Winner of the Grand Prix Special Jury Prize at the ’71 Cannes Film Festival.

trailer for Johnny Got His Gun DVD release

info on Soda Bar

for Wed 5/20: Harold Lloyd in HIGH AND DIZZY/ Oscar winner MAN ON WIRE

Description: Doubleheader of death-defying urban stunts, from Harold Lloyd to Philippe Petit

Location: Vox Pop Cafe, Ditmas Park Brooklyn

Time: Wednesday 5/20, 8/8:30pm

On Wednesday 5/20 we’ll be starting it up at 8pm with a silent short by the great comedian/stuntman Harold Lloyd.
In High and Dizzy (1920, 26min), Lloyd is a young upstart doctor who gets soused and falls for a sleepwalking patient. They both end up atop a skyscraper where hijinks (high jinks?) ensue. If you know Charlie Chaplin and Buster Keaton but not Lloyd, here’s your chance. This film probably goes best with beer, and vox pop has a tasty selection.

At 8:30 we’re screening Man on Wire (2008, 90min), the recent Oscar winner for best documentary.  Follow merry Frenchman Philippe Petit and his band of international misfits as they prepare for the artistic crime of the century, culminating in Petit’s stunning 45 minute tightrope walk between the World Trade Center Towers on August 7, 1974.

official trailer for Man on Wire

Vox Pop is at 1022 Cortelyou Rd. at the corner of Stratford Rd.
Take the Q to Cortelyou, make a left out of the station, and walk four blocks.
A live set by LA-based band Bartholomew Bishop follows us at 10pm. Stick around.

FASTER PUSSYCAT! KILL! KILL! + VIXEN! @freddy's backroom, 8:30

Description: sexploitation doubleheader @ Freddy’s Backroom, Wed. 5/13

Time: 8:30/ 10:00 pm

All you Brooklyn scoundrels that have been waiting impatiently for us to screen some filthy sexploitation in the backroom at Freddy’s are in serious luck:
Wednesday at 8:30pm we’ll be viewing two classics by the godfather of trashy skin-flicks, Russ Meyer: Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill! (1965, 83min) and Vixen! (1968, 70min)
“Three wild women in three fast cars take time off from stripping in clubs to go on a murder rampage. They kidnap and drug the girlfriend of one of their victims and hole up at a secluded ranch owned by a wheelchair-bound man and his two sons, in Meyers’ infamous ode to the violence in women…”
a.k.a. Faster Pussycat! Wham! Bang! a.k.a. The Leather Girls a.k.a. The Mankillers
For your viewing pleasure: Chick Habit vs. Faster Pussycat because we love this track…
Stick around at 10pm for Vixen! – a tender-hearted skin-flick about a nympho living it up at a Canadian mountain resort.  Meyers’ sexed up characters “debate communism, Cuban Marxism, Vietnam, draft dodging, civil rights and airplane hijacking, deciding in favor of civil rights and against the others.” -Roger Ebert.  One of the first films to receive an “X” rating from the newly established ratings system in ’68.
The management of this theater urges you to see Vixen!
Screenings are free, of course. As usual, come for one, come for both, or just come for the beer. Bring parents, children, roommates and fellow cinephiles. No perverts or babies please (these films contain abundant cleavage, nudity, simulated intercourse and sex jokes).
Freddy’s Bar & Backroom is at 485 Dean St. in Prospect Heights, BK
2/3 to Bergen St. or 2/3/4/5/q/b/d/m/n/r/w to Atlantic/Pacific St.

Cinema 16

Title: Cinema 16, Thursday 5/7, 7pm
Location: Smack Mellon Gallery, 92 Plymouth St. @ Washington, DUMBO
Link out: Click here
Description: “Cinema 16 recreates the experience of the silent film era, as curator Molly Surno programs obscure vintage films and pairs them with contemporary New York musicians. Bands are given one month to compose a musical score in order to modernize the tradition of live music accompanying films during the 1920s.

For this incarnation of Cinema 16, Lycaon Pictus will perform a live soundtrack to Pitor Kamler’s silent film Chronopolis and Joel Schlemowitz’s Bagatelle, using synthesizers, a bass guitar, drums, and other electronic and percussion instruments. Their soundtrack will be comprised of original music written for the film, combined with sections of free improvisation. The score will be a sonic exploration of Chronopolis’ themes of time, immortality, and boredom, as the band joins Kamler on his journey.” Doors at 6pm, film at 7pm.
Start Time: 19:00
Date: 2009-05-07