Anne Francis.  Leslie Nielsen in a SERIOUS, DRAMATIC, role.  Robby the robot, and a mysterious beast which continues to attack the crew of Nielsen’s ship.  It makes you wonder, why didn’t they just listen to Dr. Morpheus?

8pm at Ortine: 622 Washington Ave. between Pacific and Dean.
map at ortine.com


On Saturday September 26th KCCS presents a curated program of short films at the beautiful Brooklyn Waterfront Artists Coalition screening room.

curated by nick shimkin & mat cusick | produced by tobias arturi

Manhattan Waterfront (Harold McCracken, 1937, 11min) Travelogue documentary distributed by RKO Radio Pictures and produced by the Van Beuren Corporation. Part of the World on Parade series. A tour of “Magic Manhattan’s waterfronts”: the barges, fish markets and shanty towns that dot the Hudson and East River.
The River (Pare Lorentz, 1938, 31min) Landmark depression-era documentary travels down the vast Mississippi River and details its importance to American life. Sponsored by the US government to raise awareness about the New Deal; a production of the Farm Security Administration, established a year earlier.
Mirror of Holland (Spiegel Van Holland / Bert Haanstra, 1950, 10min), an innovative, beautiful piece filmed entirely into reflective bodies of water in the Netherlands. Winner of the Palm D’or at the 1951 Cannes Film Festival. Watch it here
Colour on the Thames (Adrian Klein, 1935, 8min) A rare stylized color snapshot of the Thames winding through pre-war London
Raga of River Narmada (Rajendra Janglay, 2006, 12min) A journey down one of the largest rivers on the Indian subcontinent, set to a traditional Dhrupad vocal performance.
Up the Yangtze [excerpt] (Yang Chung, 2007, 6min) A clip from the visually stunning recent doc that observes local Chinese peasants as they brace to watch their homelands flooded by the massive Three Gorges Dam project
Glory at Sea (Ben Zeitlin, 2008, 24min) A post-Katrina Herzogian fantasia. “Set on the coast of an antediluvian New Orleans and narrated from the bottom of the ocean by a dead little girl, the film tells the tale of a group of shellshocked residents who rediscover a sense of hope after a man thought lost to the storm washes ashore and immediately sets about constructing a raft, with which he might return to sea on an Orphic quest to find his waterlogged love.” -David Lowery, Spoutblog
total running time: 104 minutes | digital projection
**Please check out the incredible amount of art on display at this Brooklyn treasure: 800 square feet of pre-Civil War waterfront warehouse displaying the work of over 200 local artists. Across the street from Fairway at the bottom of Van Brunt St. Picnic at the waterfront. Make a day of it. 
at the Brooklyn Waterfront Artists Coalition – 499 Van Brunt St., Red Hook, across the street from Fairway. Directions to BWAC courtesy hopstop. F/G to Smith/9th St. stop… B77 or B61 bus to Van Brunt. Vist bwac.org for info and directions.

9/22 – A Woman is a Woman

Continuing our series of outdoor films at Ortine, we will be showing Une femme est une femme, Jean-Luc Goddard’s colorful, beautiful, and emotional masterpiece.  Aside from that, the film, like Goddard, needs little introduction.  See the trailer below, and come out for another lovely evening in Ortine’s backyard, as the weather grows perfectly brisk and autumn approaches. 


Details: 8pm, backyard at Ortine, 622 Washington Ave bet. Dean/Pacific.  ortine.com for a map

9/18: special screening at a Brooklyn garden

Kings County Cinema Society hosts a special screening of a recent documentary at a rooftop garden in Brooklyn…


Description: KCCS hosts the first of a series highlighting groundbreaking narrative works shot and set in the Big Apple, at Vox Pop in Ditmas Park.  The Naked City (1948, 96min) is first, naturally: a gritty, semi-documentary portrait of post-war NYC from director Jules Dassin (before he was blacklisted and exiled to France). A procedural that set the standard for the endless parade of cop dramas and TV shows that followed, THE NAKED CITY follows tough detectives Dan Muldoon and Jimmy Halloran all over Manhattan as they track the killer of a beautiful model, culminating in a classic chase and shootout atop the Williamsburg Bridge. The film that spawned the popular TV series. “There are eight million stories in the naked city. This is one of them.

Details: Vox Pop Cafe, 8pm, 1022 Cortelyou Rd. Q to Cortelyou. voxpopcafe.com  Live music to follow at 10pm.


Description: Brooklyn’s own Barbara Stanwyck (as sexy Sugarpuss O’Shea) and an earnest Gary Cooper star in this underseen gem of a screwball comedy from 1941, a subversive sort-of remake of Snow White and the Seven Dwarves. Co-written by Billy Wilder and directed by Howard Hawks. 

Details: 8pm sharp, backyard at Ortine, 622 Washington Ave. btw Dean/Pacific. A/C to Clinton/Washington. ortine.com for a map

9/13: Banlieue 13

Description: Banlieue 13 (District B13, 2006, 85min), Pierre Morel’s apocalyptic fusion of Hong Kong and Hollywood action with a distinctly French flare. The Luc Besson-produced action thriller criss-crosses genres and makes time for a savage critique of modern-day xenophobia and racism in France between the impressively cut gunfights and martial arts choreography.
Details: 8:30pm,  Sunday 9/13, the downstairs den at Northeast Kingdom, 18 Wyckoff Ave., Bushwick Brooklyn

9/9: The Thing With Two Heads

Description: “They transplanted a white bigot’s head on a soul brother’s body!” Epic blaxploitation from ’72, with Oscar winner Ray Milland and Rosy Grier as dueling heads on the run. Preceded by the short film “Atama-Yama” (eng. title: Mount Head) and the MTV cartoon “The Head.”

Description: 8:30pm, Freddy’s Bar and Backroom, 485 Dean St.

9/8: Ju Dou

Description: Zhang Yimou’s technicolor triumph, this wrenching melodrama about a young concubine enslaved by a cruel merchant in a dye mill in rural China is one of the master’s best, most brilliantly filmed works.

Details: 8pm, backyard at Ortine, 622 Washington Ave bet. Dean/Pacific.  ortine.com for a map