11/18: Porcelaine Skyline scores experimental shorts in Bushwick

Description: Tiffany Frances and Porcelaine skyline provide a live accompaniment to a series of nature-themed experimental shorts:

-A Ballad About Green Wood (Jiri Barta)
-The Garden of Earthly Delights (Stan Brakhage)
-A Temporary Arrangement [excerpt]  (Phillip Barker)
-Jewel [excerpt] (Kiki Smith)
-Glaze of Cathexis (Stan Brakhage)
-Ashden’s Walk on Mon (Derek Jarman)
-Illuminations (Itai Froumin)
-Wood Smoke (Fredo Viola)
-Sirius Remembered (Stan Brakhage)
-Picnic With Weissberg (Jan Svankmajer)

Details: Program starts at 9pm. In the downstairs den @ Northeast Kingdom, 18 Wyckoff Ave. Bushwick. L to Jefferson.

Wed. 11/11: Miike x2

Description: Join us Wednesday in Freddy’s Backroom for a doubleheader of sick and depraved Nippon-horror from Takashi Miike. 

7:30pm GOZU, (aka Yakuza Horror Theater: Gozu, 2003, 125 min) Miike’s twisted conflation of Yakuza mystery, Lynchian comic-horror, Japanese folklore, and lots of lactating.  “…a straight-to-video Japanese release that snuck into Cannes last year and has been leaving a trail of damp, crusty stains on the festival circuit since, is likely his most cunning and controlled work since the sex-panic Venus flytrap Audition.” -Dennis Lim

japanese trailer and Lim\’s original Village Voice review

9:45pm VISITOR Q (2001, 84min) a perverse thriller ostensibly about a deranged dad documenting the exploits of his seriously damaged family. Sure to offend everyone.

bizarre original trailer and a recommendation from trusty Joe Bob Briggs

Details: Films at 7:30/ 9:45

Freddy’s Bar and Backroom, 485 Dean St. @ 6th Ave