6/17: Flesh and Fantasy @ Ortine

Description: Our month of Barbara Stanwyck tributes contines at Ortine Cafe: Thursday at sunset is Flesh and Fantasy (1943, 90min), an omnibus horror film with three tales of the occult. French auteur Julien Duvivier directs Edward G. Robinson, Charles Boyer, and Stanwyck as a ghostly presence, with a segment penned by Oscar Wilde!

Details: 8:30 or sunset, Ortine Cafe, 622 Washington Ave btw Dean/Pacific, AC to Clinton-Wash. Free.

6/16: Festival! @ Vox Pop, with short films

Description: screening of Murray Lerner’s triumphant concert doc Festival (1967, 97min), which captures the critical years of transition for the American folk music scene from ’63-’66. Featuring Bob Dylan, Joan Baez, Johnny Cash, Georgia Sea Island Singers, Peter Paul and Mary, and Donovan, among others. The standout, though, is Dylan, whose infamous plugged-in set at the famed roots festival in ’65 drew boos from the baffled crowd. A great rock doc and an important look at the evolution of the American music scene.

**preceded by a few short videos by Ian Midgley, LA-based filmmaker in town for official non-KCCS-related business:

SALVATION: stroll with Leonard through his wonderland of psychedelic painted mountains in the southern California desert.

PERFECT: wind turbines spin athletically as a runner reaches for the gold and comparisons are drawn between the beauty of natural power generation and the performance of the Olympic Nazi destroyer Jesse Owens.

Details: Wednesday, 8pm, Vox Pop, 1022 Cortelyou Rd. @ Stratford Rd. Q to Cortelyou

6/10: Annie Oakley @ Ortine

Description: Stanwyck stars as the famed sharpshooter Annie Oakley (1935, 90min) in this lavish and half-true biopic, an early major studio effort from George Stevens (A Place in the Sun, Shane, Giant). Part of our Barbara Stanwyck month honoring Brooklyn’s own star of screen.

Details: Thursday 8pm, backyard at Ortine, 622 Washington Ave btw Dean/Pacific. A/C to Clinton-Wash. ortine.com for menu and directions.

6/3: The Lady Eve at Ortine

Description: Kicking off “Barbara Stanwyck Month” at Ortine… in honor of Brooklyn’s own legendary star of the screen. The Lady Eve (1941, 90min) is arguably Preston Sturges’ masterpiece, a screwball comedy par excellence and one of the great battle-of-the-sexes comedies, with sexed-up Stanwyck conning, then falling for, hapless Henry Fonda.

Details: Thursday 6/3 at 8pm, Ortine Cafe, 622 Washington Ave, A/C to Clinton-Wash

6/2: Dennis Hopper Appreciation Night: "The Last Movie" @ LaunchPad

Description: Dennis Hopper tribute at LaunchPad: The Last Movie (1971, 108min) a wildly audacious epic shot in Peru, in honor of the “actor, filmmaker, photographer, art collector, world-class burnout, first-rate survivor” (thanks Manohla Dargis). “After working in a western directed by Samuel Fuller (playing himself), during which one of the lead actors (Dean Stockwell) has been killed, an American stuntman (Hopper) remains behind with a Peruvian woman. He is eventually drafted into an imaginary movie being made by the Indian villagers [and] is enlisted in a scheme to find gold in the mountains. The curious thing about this freewheeling allegory is that it is simultaneously about many things (the fakery of moviemaking, mutual exploitation, ugly Americans in the third world, Hopper as Jesus) and nothing at all.” -Jonathan Rosenbaum, Chicago Reader
The film was critically panned upon its release in ’71 and quickly pulled from theaters. Ebert called it a “wasteland of cinematic wreckage” (hilarious and brutal review here). We’re giving it a rare public screening, and if it’s intolerable, we’ll have the counter-culture classic Easy Rider (1969, 95min), Hopper’s directorial debut, as a backup.

Details: Wed. 6/2, 9:30pm, LaunchPad: 721 Franklin Ave @ Park Pl. 2/3/4/5 to Franklin Ave. Free, popcorn will be served, BYOB.