5/11: "What the Hell is Going On Up There?" Film and Poetry from Scandinavia at Brooklyn Fire Proof

Description: KCCS and Brooklyn Mint, a new reading series present a night of curiosities from up north. Scandinavian enthusiast Zane Van Dusen curates a night of his favorite things from this strange and beautiful land.

[Norway - Bergensbanen]

Video artist, Blair Neal, deconstructs/reconstructs footage from a documentary revealing a gorgeous seven hour of a train traveling down the Norwegian coast into a slick 30 minutes, all to the sounds of ABBA slowed down 800% (not Norwegian, but I dare you to try finding pop-gems like that from Norway). http://blairneal.com/

[Finland - Your insurance will stop paying for this]
Real-life Finnish human, Niina Pollari, presents a collection of her poetry. Her words explore the wilderness of the modern age and expose our vulnerabilities in harsh/humorous ways. “We said in a conversation we will always be friends but what did you think of the video I sent you” http://de-cidered.blogspot.com/

[Sweden - Songs from the Second Floor]
A special screening of the brilliant Songs from the Second Floor (2000, 95min), a dark, absurd and hilarious series of illogical vignettes, directed by Swedish surrealist Roy Andersson, who spent 25 years making “the best TV commercials in the world” according to Ingmar Bergman. In its own deadpan way the weirdos of “Songs” sum up the peculiar horror of life in the new millenium.

Details: Wednesday May 11th, 8pm. At Brooklyn Fire Proof, 119 Ingraham St (at Porter Ave), Brooklyn, NY 11237. L to Morgan Ave. Free.

5/4: Apocalypse Cinema at Freddy's

Description: Werner Herzog and an intrepid camera crew cheat death in LA SOUFRIERE – WAITING FOR AN INEVITABLE DISASTER (1978, 28min) and Chris Marker’s LA JETEE (1962, 30min). Plus a few opening shorts from Freddy’s own Donald O’Finn, perhaps the closing moments of Dr. Strangelove, and a few more visions of the end times to get you feeling gloomy.
Details: Freddy’s Bar and Backroom, 627 5th Ave, South Slope.

4/27: Daniel Cowen shorts and The Angel Levine at LaunchPad

Description: Filmmaker Daniel Cowen will present some recent work, including a trailer for an in-progress doc, the NY Premiere of “Body Magic,” new short doc “The Wizard of Manchester,” and his short adaptation of “The Angel Levine.” Cowen is a director, editor, cinematographer, and founder and programmer at the annual City University Film Festival.

Also, Bk-based filmmaker Alex Mallis will present the Kickstarter trailer for his upcoming doc on dumpster diving in Brooklyn, “Spoils: Extraordinary Harvest” and discuss the project.

Followed by The Angel Levine (1970, 104min), the story of a black Jewish angel (Harry Belafonte) sent by god to save a troubled tailor (Zero Mostel) in NYC. Directed by Jan Kandar from a script by Bill Gunn (Ganja and Hess) from a short story by Bernard Malamud. original trailer

Details: Wednesday April 27th, 8pm. At LaunchPad, 721 Franklin Ave btw Park and Sterling Pl. 2/3/4/5 to Franklin Ave. Free/popcorn provided/BYOB.

4/20: Cinebeasts presents: Movie Mike's World of Wonder!

Description: For those poor souls who missed Movie Mike’s presentation of ’60s throwbacks on 16mm at Freddy’s last week: YOU ARE IN LUCK! From our friends at Cinebeasts: “Watch in stupefaction as Brooklyn-based film collector and tastemaker Movie Mike digs deep into his custom-tailored collection and yanks out a basket of 16mm rarities, incongruities and eyeball truffles. It’s the glowing celluloid orb you wish you had been born in, reignited for a new era:
You’ll see exploding solar systems, hand-cranked botany lessons, atomic splits, stop-motion dinosaurs, 1960s psychedelic relics, hilariously miscalculated PSAs, vintage time-lapse science documentaries – all in all, a soft womb of heavy petting for hungry and keen minds.  It’s gonna be Techniciolor, Freak-O-Rama, Schizo-tronica and Stereogamy all at once; a mellow wandering from around the periphery of the cage and back. (Furthermore, snacks and beverages will be available to those with the courage and the resources.)” Please visit cinebeasts.com for more.

Details: Wednesday 4/20. 6 Charles Pl., Bushwick. Doors at 7. JMZ to Myrtle Av / L train to Morgan St. $6 Admission

4/19: The Whole Shootin' Match at Rod & Gun

Description: A special screening of Eagle Pennell’s indie treasure The Whole Shootin’ Match (1979, 109min), part of BKLYN Rod & Gun’s “Secret Cinema” series.

This unassuming, bone-dry Texas buddy movie is a landmark of the American independent film movement, a proto-Slacker charmer, and the one that inspired Robert Redford to found the Sundance Institute a few years later. A handmade 16mm production shot on a shoestring budget, Eagle Pennell’s film tracks two ne’er-do-well good ol’ boys, both “on the wrong side of thirty” (Sonny Davis and Lou Perryman) from one get-rich-quick scheme to another. In between long nights of drinking and cruising around Austin, they’re frog farmers, flying squirrel ranchers, and suppliers of polyurethane to rich hippies. A terrifically low-key, laid-back comedy about likable losers searching for the American dream, because they’ve got nothing better to do. Introduced by KCCS founder and programmer Nick Shimkin.

“Filled with hilarious observations and digressions, both verbal and visual, and characterized by a deeply felt and lived-in sense of place, The Whole Shootin’ Match is an exemplar of American regional filmmaking.” – Manohla Dargis, The New York Times
“The Whole Shootin’ Match is priceless. I rated it at three stars on its first release. What was I waiting for? Do I ever change a rating? Hell, yes. I’d give it four today, and you’ll see why.” – Roger Ebert

Tuesday April 19, 8pm, Rod & Gun. 59 Kent Ave btw N10th and N11th St., down the block from the Brooklyn Brewery. L to Bedford Ave. or G to Nassau Ave.

The Brooklyn Rod and Gun is a private hunting and fishing club located at 59 Kent Avenue, between North 10th and North 11th Streets in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Please visit www.bklynrodandgun.com for more info. Secret Cinema screenings start at approximately 8 PM. Admission is free to Rod and Gun members/ $5 for guests, which gets you a drink to go along with the movie. (This movie goes great with cheap domestic beer, which will be available.) $10 cards are also available.