6/22: Three Globetrotting Films at LaunchPad

Description: In honor of World Refugee Day on June 20th, we present three recent short films that deal with crossing borders and cultural dislocation – family friendly fare with filmmakers present, in the backyard at our host venue, LaunchPad.

passTRESpass (Jill Woodward, 2010, 20min)
Abidjan (Alexander Etseyatse, 2010, 30min)
Bronx Princess (Yoni Brook & Musa Syeed, 2008, 38min)

In passTRESpass, a New York City-based modern dancer returns to her home country, Greece, and creates a community dance performance with refugees and immigrants – non-dancers from across Africa, as well as Afghanistan and Albania. The collaboration overcomes obstacles, bridges communities from four continents, and culminates in an experience that will touch their lives profoundly. In the US/Ivory Coast production Abidjan, a young soccer prodigy is taken on a remarkable journey to his homeland. And the award-winning documentary Bronx Princess follows headstrong 17-year-old teenager Rocky’s journey as she leaves behind her mother in NYC to reunite with her father, a chief in Ghana. Filmed over the tumultuous summer between high-school and college, the film tells Rocky’s coming-of-age story. official site here

Details: Wednesday June 22nd, in the backyard at LaunchPad (weather permitting). Doors at 7:30, Films at 8:30. Total program: 88min.

721 Franklin Ave btw/ Park & Sterling Pl. 2/3/4/5 to Franklin Ave. Free. Bring your own snacks and drinks and blankets.

Abidjan – Trailer from AN AE FILM on Vimeo.

Bronx Princess Trailer from Yoni Brook on Vimeo.

6/12: Pentecost at The Drink

Description: Join us for an all-day celebration of Pentecost on Sunday, June 12th. In Arthurian legend Pentecost was the most important feast day each year: the knights of the round table would gather (unless questing or imprisoned) to witness a miracle and feast together, celebrating their fellowship. In biblical terms it’s anniversary of the day, fifty days after Easter, when red tongues of flame descended from heaven, possessing the apostles with the Holy Spirit, causing them to preach to the masses in languages they did not know. They reportedly converted 3,000 people on the spot. Either way, sounds like fun to us… you’re invited to come dance and carouse in true medieval form.
Starting at 1pm, this Pentecost feast is an all day party with live medieval music, home made foodstuffs, specials on mead and beer, screenings of classic medieval movies, and all around raucous peasant partying… Free to get in, and free drinks to those who want to take a crack at reading Le Morte D’Arthur aloud. Presented with band Aoi, The Drink, Cottrell Brewing Co., Manhattan Meadery & Kings County Cinema Society… bringing you medieval fare, Mystic Bridge IPA, Brooklyn Buzz Mead and cinema that celebrates the age.

Details: Whitsunday, the 12th of June, 2011, 1pm – ?
2pm  Ivanhoe (Richard Thorpe, US, 1952,106 min)
4pm  The War Lord (Franklin J. Schaffner, US, 1965, 123 min)
6pm  Knights of the Round Table (Richard Thorpe, US, 1953, 115 min)
8pm  band performance
9pm  Excalibur (John Boorman, US/UK, 1981, 140 min)
*Please note films will not be the focus, and will be presented with subtitles due to continuous medieval fanfare and revelry.
At The Drink, 228 Manhattan Ave,L to Graham, on Manhattan between Grand and Maujer.