10/28: Sewage Baby at Spectacle!

Description: Midnight show at Spectacle! A film near and dear to our hearts: Sewage Baby (aka The Suckling, dir. Francis Teri, US, 1990, 80min). In the pre-Roe vs. Wade ‘70s, a young woman goes to a back alley abortion clinic (which doubles as a whorehouse), only to have her aborted, nuclear waste-drenched fetus return as an ungodly fanged monster and wreak havoc on her, her boyfriend, and everyone else responsible for its sorry fate. Lovingly filmed in Brooklyn in 1989, with zero regard for good taste and common decency.

Details: Friday October 28th at 11:59pm at Spectacle Theater

124 S3rd St. at Bedford. L to Bedford.
$5, seating limited.

10/27: One Dark and Stormy Night

Description: Grabbing some past gems to present: ONE DARK & STORMY NIGHT.

An Evening of fright-filled short genre films. Hosted by Joseph B. Mauceri.

A sampling:
Zombiefication- PSA that might save your life.
Cupcake: A zombie Lesbian Musical. Just what it says it is.
Lash – mixed media experimental piece about love lost.
One Step- Sick music video. sick and gory music video. sick and gory music video that might require “motion sickness” bags.
Lightheaded - animation about candle wax going to the great beyond.
Mom Vs. The Undead- mom fights the living dead.
A Puppy, Our Family … you simply have to see it for yourself.
Details: Thursday October 27  AT MIDNIGHT at Spectacle Theater, 124 S3rd @ Bedford. L to Bedford Ave. $5, seating limited!

10/26: J-Horror Double Bill at LaunchPad

Description: A twisted double feature of inspired hyper-gore and pop-culture curios from Japan: Vampire Girl vs. Frankenstein Girl (dir. Yoshihiro Nishimura & Naoyuki Tomomatsu, 2009, 84min) and 964 Pinocchio (Shozin Fukui, 1991, 97min). Description of the latter, courtesy IMDB: Pinocchio 964, lobotomised cyborg sex slave, is thrown out onto the street by his owners because of his inability to maintain an erection. He is befriended by a criminally insane, memory-wiped, homeless girl. Meanwhile, the corporate entity who manufactured and sold him plots to kill him because of his malfunction.
Preceded by a horror short of our choosing.

Details: Wednesday October 26 / 8pm / at LaunchPad, 721 Franklin Ave btw/ Park and Sterling. 2/3/4/5 to Franklin Ave.
FREE / BYOB / popcorn provided. **Probably not appropriate for small children, squeamish adults, or anyone else, really**