THE SPOOK WHO SAT BY THE DOOR at Spectacle Theater!!

Just-announced special screening Saturday at Spectacle Theater:

THE SPOOK WHO SAT BY THE DOOR (dir. Ivan Dixon, 1973, 102min)
“Possibly the most radical of the blaxploitation films of the 70s, this movie was an overnight success when released in 1973, then was abruptly taken out of distribution for reasons still not entirely clear. A mild-mannered social worker (Lawrence Cook) is recruited by the CIA as a token black and proceeds to learn (and later apply) the techniques of urban guerrilla warfare in Chicago (though most of the filming was done in Gary, Indiana). Corrosively ironic and often exciting, this adaptation by Sam Greenlee of his own novel, directed by Ivan Dixon, remains one of the great missing (or at least unwritten) chapters in black political filmmaking.” – Jonathan Rosenbaum

Saturday 2/25 5pm sharp
Spectacle Theater, 124 S3rd St. in Williamsburg


Join KCCS Thursday the 23rd  at LaunchPad as  Joanna White-Oldham of the Center for Active Learning presents a tripple header of blaxploitation films!

6:00pm -The Mack (1973). Dir. Michael Campus. Goldie (Max Julien) comes home from prison and takes over the pimp game in the Bay Area. Also stars Richard Pryor.

Runtime: 110 min


8:00pm Claudine (1974). Dir. John Berry. Oscar nominated dramatic comedy starring Diahann Carroll as Claudine, a single mother raising six children in Harlem. Claudine’s love interest, Roop (James Earl Jones) struggles with managing his feelings for her, her children and his personal obligations.

Runtime: 92 min


10:00pm Cleopatra Jones (1973). Dir. Jack Starett. Tamara Dobson is Cleopatra Jones a US Special Agent sent to take out “Mommy” (Shelley Winters) a notorious drug trafficker.
Runtime: 89 min

Details: Thursday February  23 / 6:00pm / at LaunchPad, 721 Franklin Ave btw/ Park and Sterling. 2/3/4/5 to Franklin Ave.
FREE / BYOB / popcorn provided.