3/7: New Shorts from #OWS//Occupy Rallies at Freddy’s

Description: Join KCCS and filmmaker Messiah Rhodes for a presentation of breaking film and media from Occupy Wall Street rallies and documentation of rallies from this people’s movement.

>we’ll also roll some recent work by filmmaker/editor Adele Pham, and a piece shot at Zuccotti¬†for “Sankofa Day 2011″ by Freddy’s mainstay and BCAT-featured program “Freddy’s Brooklyn Roundhouse”

>short docs include recent clips from STOP WAR ON IRAN, STOP STOP AND FRISK rallies in NYC, and the #OccupyMuseums campaign

++ preview of Messiah’s upcoming feature doc #STATE OF REVOLUTION, a chronicle of activism and resistance in New York State in 2011, from budget cut protests in Albany to Bloombergville to Zuccotti Park

+ discussion and drinking to follow, and info on Occupy Brooklyn

Details: Weds. 3/7 in the backroom
~9-11pm, free

Freddy’s Bar, 627 5th Ave btw/ 17th, 18th St. M/R to Prospect Ave.

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