5/26: Pentecost at The Drink!

Description: Join us and our friends, medieval band Aoi Saturday, May 26th for a full day of medieval-style carousing in our second-annual celebration of the ancient holiday of Pentecost. Expect sword fighting, giant turkey legs, specials on mead and beer, live music, screenings of classic medieval movies and all around raucous peasant partying.
In Arthurian legend, Pentecost was the most important feast day each year: the knights of the round table would gather (unless questing or imprisoned) to feast, celebrate their fellowship, and renew their Pentecostal Oath to King Arthur. In biblical terms, it’s the anniversary of the day when red tongues of flame descended from heaven, possessing the apostles with the Holy Spirit, causing them to preach to the masses in languages they did not know, converting thousands on the spot. Gnarly. In honor of both wild times, free drinks to knaves and wenches who take a crack at reading Le Morte D’Arthur aloud.
Presented with KCCS, Cottrell Brewing Co., and the NYC Longsword Fencing Club

Details: Whitsunday, May 26, 2012, all day
2pm  Ivanhoe (Richard Thorpe, US, 1952,106 min)
4pm  The War Lord (Franklin J. Schaffner, US, 1965, 123 min)
6pm  Knights of the Round Table (Richard Thorpe, US, 1953, 115 min)
9pm  Excalibur (John Boorman, US/UK, 1981, 140 min)

The Drink, 228 Manhattan Ave. L to Graham, Manhattan Ave. between Grand St. and Maujer.

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