An informal group dedicated to free, DIY film events, KCCS was begun in 2007 by a band of Brooklyn-based cinephiles and hooligans, and now hosts weekly screenings all over our favorite county.  Founded and spearheaded by Tobias Arturi and Nick Shimkin (with a ton of help from friends and neighbors), the Society showcases almost anything and everything in the world of film and video, and believes in the necessity of communal viewing.

With a focus on classic, cult, art, and local film, we hope to shine a light on work that lies off the tired, beaten path.  Ultimately, the goal is to bring together a coalition of fans, filmmakers, critics, curators and cinephiles interested in gathering, watching, and discussing.  A coalition of the willing.  We gather in bars, cafes, and public places, and do our best to not charge a penny.

We welcome your comments on the site, suggestions for venues or future programs, and questions like “Who the hell are you people?”

We show silent shorts, locally-made, relevant documentaries, ’70s blaxploitation, archival video, Bollywood, Third World films, Fritz Lang, Orson Welles, Jean Luc Godard, Russ Meyer, Roger Corman, and Fritz the Cat

We would love to show YOUR recent short film, if only you would contact us…

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